I Love Dogs Inc is the first client of LB Studio. Most of the company's image changes has been done in my own accord and approved by owner. We worked from Brochures, webpages, flyers, business card and any art related request the company needs. WebPage available at: www.ilovedogsinc.com
The Phonebox is a company that offers training, administration and professional service in the industry of Mobile repair and electronics. The Company was founded by Yaniliz Negron as a way to help starting businesses in the industry and standardize the industry's work quality.
Media Box Technology Repair and Design was a job Liliz Black had as a Freelance Service. In the company she was the Lead Graphic Designer and most resourceful asset. The availability was reasonable and it was delivered work at a fast rate. Most of the work displayed was done for their clients.
These are few 3D concepts worked from time to time as personal work.  This includes Character, environments and game previews.